5 Activities To Do Venice On Your Next Vacation There

If you will be traveling to Venice in the next few weeks, and you would like to go to some of the more exciting locations, there are quite a few to choose from. Many people think of Venice as the beautiful city in Italy with the canals that act as streets, but there is actually so much more to do than experience traveling on the waterways. You will more than likely lose yourself in the beauty of the architecture, and the charm of the people that live there. There are many beautiful places to see, five of which are listed here that you should consider visiting.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

This is a church that many people visit that is actually on a piazza that is of the same name. It was built in commemoration of St. Mark, the evangelist that was talked about in the Bible. It is said that his remains were stolen from Alexandria, placed in barrels, with the intent of bringing his remains all the way to Venice. Regardless of the story, the architecture is absolutely beautiful and is one of the top destinations for tourists that travel to Venice.

The Grand Canal

At some point, you are going to get onto one of the many canals that go throughout the city. You will inevitably end up on the Grand Canal. Many iconic photos have been taken of the canal, one that stretches for about 2 miles. It is a place where people go to experience a romantic moment, and it will take you all throughout the city.

Rialto Bridge

Another iconic place within Venice that is often photographed, it is a bridge that was set up to provide people with another option for those that wanted to cross the river. It is built of marble, and despite collapsing several times, it is still standing today. This is also in those iconic shots that you see a Venice, often in the background, creating a picturesque scene.

Teatro La Fenice

If you are into opera, one of the most popular opera houses throughout the city is Teatro La Fenice. It was afflicted by fires twice that almost destroyed the entire structure, but it is still standing today. It definitely has an old world feel, and has gold interiors with plush seats that allow people to sit comfortably watching the different operas that are produced.

Campanile di San Marco

When you travel throughout Italy, you are always going to find towers that can be seen. In Venice, the one that you will notice the most is called the Campanile di San Marco. This is where the famous scientist Galileo presented his new invention, the telescope, hundreds of years ago. Today, it provides people with a panoramic view of the city, but not the canals, yet it is still worth the trip up to the top in order to see the city.

If you have not been to Venice in quite some time, or if you have never been there before, these are the five activities that you should do once you arrive. Venice is a beautiful location, and it will definitely become one of your favorite destinations as you travel throughout Italy on your travels throughout Italy. It is recommended that you spend at least a week in the city so that you can not only do sightseeing but experience the culture. You will more than likely want to go down the Grand Canal several times, especially right before dusk, to truly experience the beauty and nostalgia that Venice has to offer.


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