Top 5 Romantic Italian Towns You Should Visit

When you are looking for romantic places to go and Italy, or even in Sicily, you might consider traveling to smaller towns instead of the larger cities that are so popular. Sometimes it’s better to have a romantic trip with your significant other by going to areas where many people do not go. Although these towns are very beautiful, they tend to be out of the way, and some tourists often miss them. Here are five of the most romantic Italian towns that you should visit on your next trip to Italy.

Cefalu In Sicily

If you travel down to the southern portion of Italy, at the tip of the boot, you are going to head toward what is called Sicily. There is a town called Cefalu that you will absolutely enjoy which is perfect for couples that are looking for beautiful views of the ocean. There are rugged beaches, harbors, and a historic center that many tourists will travel to. There are many restaurants, and 1/4 century ruin of a temple that was very popular that you can visit as well. Due to its proximity to the ocean, giving you that west coast view, you can also experience wonderful sunsets.

Urbino, Le Marche

On the other side of Italy, if you are traveling through Florence, you can head over to Urbino, Le Marche. This was the site of many Renaissance painters, and is actually a cluster of many different domes and towers that make it one of the most beautiful small towns in all of Italy. It has botanical gardens that are two centuries old, and the architecture is neoclassical for the churches that span the area. There are many cafés, and it is a place that you can relax in the beautiful mountains of Italy.

Trapani, Sicily

Another beautiful town that is in Sicily, right on the coast, a provide you with a crescent-shaped coastline that many people enjoy. There are islands out in the ocean that you can see, and you can take fairies out to some of them. There are old churches with wooden sculptures, and many archaeological artifacts, going back to a much more simple time in this wonderful region of Sicily.

Spoleto, Umbria

If your goal is to see the mountain ranges that line much of the Italian countryside, you can see the Apennine mountain range and many gorgeous backdrops. There is beautiful architecture all throughout, and medieval fortresses that were once used during a more violent time in Italy’s history. If you happen to be traveling through Rome, heading up to San Marino, you are going to pass right by this beautiful little town.

Gaeta, Lazio

Finally, as you are descending from Rome headed to Naples, perhaps to see Mount Vesuvius, you can travel down the coast and see Gaeta. It is a city that is located in the province of Latina, with a beautiful view of the coastline, and is a great stop as you had down toward the ruins of Pompeii.

These are just a few of the small towns that you will be able to see when you get to Italy. Although you may be more focused on the major cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice, these are great places to stop in for a day. Italy is a country that has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and it will definitely improve your trip if you are able to spend a day at each of these beautiful little towns nestled in beautiful countryside located in both Sicily and Italy.


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